The RoRo Shipping Game

The RoRo Shipping Game was developed at University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University Copenhagen by Researchers Nicolai Emil HInge, Beizhen Jia & Niels Gorm Maly Rytter.

The Game is a Tabletop Business Simulation imitating key commercial and operational processes for RoRo Shipping. It has a particular focus on aspects of RoRO Cargo Operations and is currently available with a combination of physical game features, i.e. Lego models of Vessels and Cargo Units, as well as a digital game work flow attributes. The Game can be played of a team of 4-10 people in less than one day and offers a high impact learning experience.

The business simulation conveys the following insights and skills to participants:

  • Introduction to the terms and fundamentals of RoRo Shipping
  • Understanding of activities and work processes of core functions in a modern RoRo shipping line
  • Importance of cross functional collaboration and commercial and operational decision making when to maximize profitability and improve sustainability of ships and mobile equipment in ports
  • Importance of process standardization, integration and digitalization and data quality for efficiency and decision-making quality for RoRo Shipping
  • Relevance of methods for demand forecasting and optimization when to optimize Revenue, Stowage and Cargo Operations of RoRo Ships
  • Competitive and Sustainable challenges of RoRo Shipping in the market for Short Sea Shipping in Europe /  Blatic Sea Region
  • Team spirit and an efficient as well as engaging learning experience via game playing, also using the Lego® models developed for the game, the set of game materials and digital tool developed to support participants in their tasks and learning experience

VIzTrack offers standard or tailor made training and team building services deploying this game, optionally also in collaboration with the company LinerGame.

Target audience is a variety of industry professionals on different managerial levels as well as students with a desire to have a high impact training in the fundamentals of RoRo Shipping as well as unique team building experience.

The Liner Shipping Game

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